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Local and Central government entities sign 2018-19 Joint Imihigo

Posted on 10.08.2018

Local and Central Government entities on Thursday signed the 2018-19 Imihigo (performance contracts) with President Paul Kagame. 

The Imihigo align Government institutions’ annual plans and budgets to policy priorities and outcomes enshrined in the National Strategy for Transformation, as well as other high level decisions such as Presidential pledges, National Umushykirano and Leadership retreat resolutions. 

 “The successful implementation of the 2018-19 Imihigo will be critical for government to meet its policy commitments and targets and ensure efficient and effective delivery of services to Rwandans. Key focus will be put on coordination to ensure Ministries, districts, government agencies and private sector work together to realize the joint imihigo,” Dr. Claudine Uwera, the Minister of State in charge of economic Planning said.

During preparation of 2018-19 imihigo, key stakeholders at both local and central government were consulted to ensure integrated planning, prioritization and harmonization of performance contracts in order to have tangible socio-economic impact.

The 2018-19 imihigo will put emphasis on 7 key areas that include job creation, energy, urbanization and rural settlement, agriculture, export promotion, social protection as well as service delivery. Some of the major outcomes will include:

Creation of 212,114 decent and productive jobs 

Connection of 107,387 Households to the National electricity grid and 18,477 Households to off grid solar systems

Completion of the 54 Kilometer road project for City of Kigali Urban roads by 85% 

Relocation of 967 Households from high risk zones and 4,794 from scattered settlements 

Develop 7,752 hectares of progressive terraces and 3,009 hectares of radical terraces 

Irrigation will be expanded on 5,773 hectares through a combination of marshland, hillside and small scale irrigation with focus on Maize, wheat and Soybean

Domestic production and certification of seeds will be enhanced Revenues from Horticulture will increase from 16.83M to USD 23.28M.

Increase mineral earnings from US$ 373M to US$ 600M

MICE tourism will generate US$ 74 million from US$ 47million

Revenues from coffee will increase from USD 69.4M to USD 75M while revenues from Tea will increase from USD 88.1M to USD 92.8M.

106,004 Households in 416 sectors will benefit from VUP Direct Support.

27,680 cows will be given to needy households through the Girinka program.

The Imihigo is a result based performance concept in the Rwandan culture that was re-introduced in 2006 by the Government of Rwanda as a grown home solution to fast-track delivery of plans, programs and investments with focus on improving citizens’ livelihood.

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