Government and World Bank sign agreement to expand acquisition of quality skills

Posted on 18.07.2017

Kigali July 17, 2017: The Government of Rwanda and the World Bank today signed a US$ 120 million (approximately Frw 99 billion) to support the expansion of opportunities for the acquisition of quality, market-relevant skills in selected economic sectors. 

The 3 year Priority Skills Program for Growth (PSG) project will focus high priority economic sectors including energy, Transport and Logistics, and Manufacturing (with a focus on ‘Made in Rwanda’ products).

“This project will develop the skills we lack in education where by 3,477 university students will have long-term training at University of Rwanda, 1,384 diploma students will have long-term training at IPRCs or Polytechnic, 3,371 graduates from certificate programs will have a short-term training at TSSs, VTCs, IPRCs, Polytechnic and UR, and, 9,000 beneficiaries trained under short-term trainings,” Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Claver Gatete said. 

“This project is a direct support of EDPRS2. It will ensure that the workforce gets the vital skills that will help to grow the economy,” Yasser El Gammal, the World Bank Country Manager for Rwanda said.

The program will reinforce governance of skills development system, ensure provision of quality training programs with market relevance, and expand opportunities for continuous upgrading of job-relevant skills for sustained employability. 

 It will be implemented by the newly created Capacity Building and Employment Services Board (CESB) and the Ministry of Education with the support of Rwanda Development Bank (BRD), Higher Education Council (HEC), Rwanda Polytechnics (RP), University of Rwanda and Workforce Development Authority (WDA). 

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