Rwanda and Chad to cooperate in strengthening Public Finance Management

Posted on 02.10.2019

As part of the South-South cooperation partnership, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of the Republic of Rwanda has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Finance and Budget of the Republic of Chad.

It is in this regard that the Government of Chad looks to borrow Rwanda best practice in Public Financial Management especially the automation of public financial management processes.

The cooperation is motivated by the desire to establish a framework of strengthening technical and human capacities in order to achieve better governance of public finances and will focus on the following fundamental areas:
• Reform of public financial management
• Development and implementation of the integrated system of public financial management
• Taxation (Taxes and Customs)
• Management of the State Staff and the Salary Mass
• Investments
• Any other area that the two Parties will agree upon.

The two parties undertake to exchange technical resources and experts in the field to support the other party in the development of the integrated Financial Management Information System and its implementation.

As part of this Memorandum, the development and Implementation of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) will be coordinated by Rwanda Cooperation Initiative and will be in tasked of assisting Chad in the implementation of IFMIS.

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