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Single Project Management (SPIU)

MINECOFIN SPIU was established following Cabinet resolution of 11th February 2011 regarding the formation of the Single Project Implementation Units across Line Ministries and Public Agencies, with overall objective of creating an effective institutional framework that will guide the process of designing and implementing projects that are earmarked to fast track realization of development targets envisaged in the various sector strategic plans, Seven Year Government Program and the EDPRS all drawn from the Rwanda’s Vision 2020.

The MINECOFIN SPIU is strategically positioned to manage the ongoing and planned as well as future projects identified in the course of translating sector strategic plans into development results. It further serves as repository of knowledge on lessons of experience accumulated in the course of implementing and closing the completed projects. The benefits to be derived from the established SPIUs include among others (i) realization of economies of scale and reduction of transaction costs; (ii) improved coordination and creation of synergy; (iii) efficiency and effectiveness in project implementation oversight through improved M&E; (iv) improved staff retention leading to reduction in staff turnover and increase in institutional memory, and (v) increased knowledge and expertise as well as best practices in project management.

The established MINECOFIN SPIU is responsible for designing and implementing all planned projects in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning and plays host to all project management phases (Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Control as well as Closing).

The SPIU coordinates different ongoing projects composed of the following;

(i) UN Funded projects (including Aid Coordination, Gender Responsive Budgeting Project (GRBP), Gender Equitable Local Development (GELD), Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda (BIFSIR), and Strengthening Government of Rwanda’s National Evidence-Based Policy Planning, Analysis and M&E Project).

(ii) Public Financial Management Portfolio (including the Public Finance Management Reform Basket Fund and the Institutional Development Fund Project – a capacity building project that supports the Rwandas Public Investment Program especially in areas of economic and financial analysis).

(iii) EDF -NAO Portfolio – involves the management of all European Development Assistance including the following:

· Enhancing MINECOFIN capacity to program, manage, coordinate and control the resource allocation of the EDF aid provided in form of General Budget & Sector Budget Support; and

· Improve the effectiveness of the EDF financed Projects across Sector Ministries in Rwanda.

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