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 Dr. Uzziel NDAGIJIMANA is the Minister of Finance and       Economic Planning (MINECOFIN).

 Before his appointment as Minister of Finance and       Economic Planning, Dr. NDAGIJIMANA was Minister of     State  in charge of Economic Planning. Prior to that, Dr.   NDAGIJIMANA was the Permanent Secretary of the   Ministry  of Health, Republic of Rwanda from May 2011 to   July 2014.

 Dr. NDAGIJIMANA has served at different leadership       positions in the academia where he was the Vice Rector of    the National University of Rwanda from (2007 – 2011), and as the Rector of School of Finance and Banking in Kigali, Rwanda (2002 -2007).

Dr. Uzziel NDAGIJIMANA is an Economist, holding a PhD in Economics (1998) and a MSc. Economics, specializing in International Trade. He started his career as a Lecturer at the National University of Rwanda in 1999, Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences, and Management, before he moved to leadership positions of the Government of Rwanda from 2002. He is author of papers in national and international journals. He speaks Kinyarwanda, French, English, Swahili, Polish, and basic Portuguese.

Dr. Uzziel NDAGIJIMANA also served in various Boards of Directors and Councils, including:

- Board of Directors of the National Bank of Rwanda

- Board of Directors of the Prime Holdings

- Board of Directors of the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda

- Board of Directors of the Student Financing Agency for Rwanda

- Board of Directors of School of Finance and Banking

- Board of Directors of National University of Rwanda

- Chairman of Economic Advisory Council of the President of the

  Republic of Rwanda

- Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Inter-University Council for

  East Africa

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