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Chief Internal Auditor

The Office of the Chief Internal Auditor (OCIA)

Our Mission

The Office  of Chief the  Internal Audit  (OCIA) supports Ministries, Districts and Agencies (MDAs) make informed decisions, use resources effectively and efficiently, and satisfy their respective statutory and fiduciary responsibilities. 

Main objective:

To help MDAs ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources by providing them with analysis, appraisals and recommendations about activities and systems reviewed. Specific objectives: To meet our mission and the above mentioned core objective, OCIA  will achieve the following:

  • Set up a strong and effective Internal Audit function in public entities;
  • Ensure capacity building for Internal Auditors;
  • Provide guidance and oversight to Internal Auditors across the country in different MDAs.
  • Initiate preventive and corrective measures to improve quality of Public Financial Management;
  • Carry out reviews, analysis and appraisals of activities in various public institutions to ensure whether resources are used effectively and efficiently.


Duties and Responsibilities OCIA  Department

To meet the above objectives, the OCIA  shall discharge the following responsibilities:

  • Supervise and co-ordinate the internal audit function across all government institutions;
  • Formulate and disseminate internal audit regulations, uniform standards, policies, guidelines, audit methodology, etc.
  • Lead an annual planning process for the internal activities throughout the Government;
  • Arrange appropriate continuous professional development of Internal Auditors;
  • Provide quality assurance and producing a consolidated annual internal audit report;
  • Conduct internal audits in central government institutions including ministries, embassies, etc;
  • Conduct internal audits in local government institutions including districts and other services operating at districts level such as Schools, District Hospitals and Prisons.
  • Perform any ad hoc investigative assignments in any government entity.

Internal Audit Documents

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