Organizational Chart
MINECOFIN Service Charter
Minister of State in charge of Economic Planning
Minister of State in charge of National Treasury
National Development Planning & Research Department (NDPR)
National Budget Department
Financial Sector Development Department(FSDD)
Chief Economist
Chief Internal Auditor
Corporate Services Department
Accountant General
Single Project Implementation Unit

    Corporate Services

    Objectives of the Department:

    To coordinate the internal planning function, reporting system and business analysis, strengthens the Ministry and its agencies’ capacity to execute strategic plans and to achieve significant progress against set targets. Further supervises HR policies implementation as well as manages the compliance with PFM systems within the Ministry.

    Functions of the Department:

    o   Coordinating the planning function for the Ministry

    o   Developing the directorate’s strategic and annual plans and ensuring that Ministry’s strategic plan is updated.

    o   Responsible for consolidating the plans into a single MINECOFIN plan which can be translated into a budget.

    o   Supervising the efficiency of procurement of goods, services and works for the ministry while ensuring compliance with the national procurement   guidelines and procedures.

    o   Ensuring the preparation of annual procurement plans for the ministry and ensuring its implementation in a timely and efficient manner.

    o   Coordinating all the reporting requirements both internally and externally.

    o   Preparation of Ministry’s Financial reports as required by the Organic law on state finances.

    o   Ensure proper management of Human, material and financial resources of the Ministry.

    o   Coordinating the development and implementation of information technology strategies to enhance the performance of the Ministry.

    o   Managing and Supporting IT Systems and Applications and maintain their Security.

    o   Developing and coordinating the annual staff development plan in support of the Ministry’s     staff development policy.

    o   Managing staff, material and financial resources of the Directorate.

                   Units under Department:


    ·         Human Resources and Administration Unit

    ·         Information and Communication Technology Unit

    ·         Finance and Logistics

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    Law modifying and completing the Law n°12/2007 of 27/03/2007 on public procurement

    MINECOFIN General Procurement Plan 2014-2015


    For more information please visit  Rwanda Public Procurement Authority (RPPA)

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