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National Budget Department

Objectives of the Department:

To coordinate the preparation and implementation of the National Budget as well as effective implementation of the Fiscal Decentralization Policy through formulation, monitoring and evaluation of budgetary policies and procedures in Rwanda.

Key Functions of the Department: 

  1. Budget Policy Formulation and Evaluation including coordinating formulation of the annual National Budget and the Medium Term Expenditure Framework;
  2. Budget Administration including forecasting, monitoring and Reporting on the implementation of the National Budget
  3. Coordinating the implementation of the Fiscal Decentralization Strategy including supporting formulation of Districts’ Budgets and monitoring their implementation.

Fiscal Decentralization

Objectives of the unit

To implement the Fiscal and Financial Decentralization Policy by putting in place comprehensive and transparent transfer and reporting mechanisms for local governments and to deepen the policy of fiscal decentralization as a means of improving service delivery to citizens by the decentralized entities.

Key functions of the unit

  • To strengthen intergovernmental fiscal transfer mechanisms.
  • To develop an efficient and sustainable resource mobilization base for decentralized entities.
  • To ensure effective and timely planning and budgeting, financial management and reporting of the local government budget agencies.

·Ensure fiscal and financial transparency and accountability in Local Government.

Projects Management and Monitoring Unit (PMMU)

1.    Background:
The Projects Management and Monitoring Unit (PMMU) is a new Unit under the National Budget Directorate. The Unit is headed by a Director who is supported by 11 sector specialists that provide support services to project implementation and monitoring in various Government institutions. It inherits the projects support services provided by the former Central Public Investments and External Finance Bureau (CEPEX), and contributes to the functions of effective coordination, preparation and implementation of the national budget as well as implementation of the fiscal decentralization policy.

2.  Mission of the PMMU:
The mission of the Unit is to contribute to Rwanda’s development through offering project support services to the Government ministries, institutions, and single project implementation units (SPIUs).

The support services that the Unit provides cover the components of project implementation support, project monitoring and evaluation, supervision, and advisory services including capacity building in those competencies. The support services on project design, appraisal, negotiation and programming are covered by other relevant departments of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning particularly the External Finance Unit and Public Investment Secretariat.

Project monitoring and evaluation and turning around non-performing projects cannot be effectively done by an insider in the Ministry or in a single project implementation unit. This PMMU is well positioned to provide service as a stakeholder external to the system. The core business of the Unit is to offer quality project support services from the date of effective implementation through monitoring and evaluation.

3. Specific Objectives of the Projects Management and Monitoring (PMMU):
To accomplish the mission of the National Budget Directorate, the core mandate of the Unit is summarized in the following objectives:

  • Coordinate and provide support services for projects implementation across Government Institutions including the Agency in charge of Development projects in Local Governments.
  • Produce analytical reports on budget submissions of projects by Government agencies to facilitate effective budget formulation.
  • Monitor implementation of projects and submit quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports on the performance of projects (financial and output performance reports).
  • Prepare summary reports and presentations for use in projects portfolio reviews and contribute in formulating strategies to improve portfolio performance.
  • Develop guidelines, instructions and manuals to support effective implementation of projects by Government institutions.

National Budget Management and Reporting Unit

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