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The Cash Management Section is one of the units in the Treasury Management Department. The Section ensures efficient management of Government Resources by performing the following functions.

(a)Preparing an annual consolidated cash flow plan following passage of the annual budget based on inputs provided by public entities containing projected cash inflows and cash outflows on a monthly or quarterly basis that includes contingency measures;

(b)Consolidate the revenue and expenditure of public entities in order to provide a reliable and forward-looking information that forms the basis for decision making processes;

(c)Prepare, on a Quarterly basis, a consolidated monthly cash flow plan based on inputs from spending entities;

(d)Maintain liaison with the National Bank of Rwanda and advise the Secretary to the Treasury on adequacy of balance in the Consolidated Fund bank account, sub accounts and special accounts.

(e)Produce  regular  report to the Treasury Management Committee showing actual outturn compared to the planned cash flows, showing variances and remedial measures in case of negative variances;

(f)Monitor bank balances and major cash movements in the Consolidated Fund Accounts to ensure that they are managed in an efficient manner; and

monitor receipts, payments and the daily cash position.

The Section also ensures that submitted cash flow plans from Budget agencies are authentic and realistic. The whole process of preparing cashflow plans is done through the follwoing steps:

—  Letters requesting expenditure plans for the fiscal year  are sent to Budget Agencies and this is normally done at the last month of every  Quarter of each fiscal year.

—  Preparation & submission of cash flow plans by Entities through the SMARTIFMISSystem;

—  Request for Cash inflows from RRA and EFU (Domestic and External Revenues respectively);

—  Analysis of the expenditure plans submitted by the Budget Agencies;

—  Consolidation of National cash flow plans (for both inflows and outflows);



—  Approval of consolidated cash flow plans by Treasury Management Committee and Notification of the approved expenditure plans to Budget Agencies;

—  System (SMARTIFMIS) approval of the approved expenditures by Cash Plan Management Section.


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